Have you previously worked or do you currently work in a noisy environment?
The CNESST may be able to compensate you for hearing problems.

Did you know that prolonged exposure to high levels of noise can damage hearing?

Do you have difficulty following conversations in noisy environments? Can you hear what’s being said, but not enough to understand it all? If this sounds familiar, you might have hearing problems and it is important to consult a professional to have your auditory system checked. Our audioprosthetists will do a screening test and then direct you to an ENT doctor to open a CNESST file.

Based on the results, the CNESST assistance program can compensate you for the following elements:

  • Purchase and adjustment costs for hearing aids
  • Repair, remodeling or replacement costs
    In addition, an indemnity to compensate for the hearing loss, varying based on certain criteria and determined by the CNESST, could be awarded.

Generally, occupational hearing loss appears after several years of work in a noisy environment. Even if you no longer work in a noisy environment or if you are retired, it is still possible to apply to the CNESST to take advantage of the assistance program.

It is important to remember that wearing protective earplugs can help maintain good hearing health. Using this gear can help you feel less tired and prevent the onset of tinnitus.

Meet with one of our audioprosthetists to take advantage of this opportunity!