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The First Step for Improved Hearing Health

Hearing plays an important role in our lives. Neglecting it has an impact, not only on your quality of life but also on those around you. The audioprosthetists of Laflamme & Associés take your hearing health to heart. Our multidisciplinary team brings together all its knowledge and talents to provide the best services to people with hearing problems and those around them. Because we are aware that hearing loss affects not only the person with hearing issues but also the people sharing his or her daily life, we consider several factors before offering an effective solution. The different hearing aids available are presented in the Products section of our website.

To ensure improved hearing for our patients, our team relies on several services:

  • Comprehensive audiometric test for fitting
  • Annual follow-up
  • Adjustment or modification of hearing aids
  • Repair of all hearing aid brands

Workers in Loud Environments
Have you previously worked or do you currently work in a loud environment? Consult our Workers section to find out how the CNESST could compensate you if you have hearing problems.

Comprehensive Audiometric Test for Fitting
Before recommending a specific hearing aid, each patient will be evaluated during a comprehensive audiometric test for fitting. This step allows the audioprosthetist to analyze the patient’s needs in order to recommend a solution tailored to his or her situation.

The audiometric test consists in assessing a person’s hearing. It takes place in a soundproof booth where the audioprosthetist has the patient listen to pure sounds of varying intensity and frequency ranging from 125 to 8000 hertz. The patient presses a button as soon as he or she perceives a sound, however faint it is.

Audiometry is used to determine the level of hearing loss:

  • Mild, if the loss is between 20 and 40 decibels
  • Moderate, if the loss is between 40 and 70 decibels
  • Severe, if the loss is between 70 and 90 decibels
  • Profound, if the loss is over 90 decibels
  • Total, if no hearing is measurable

Annual Follow-Up
After obtaining a hearing aid, an annual follow-up is necessary. This is a chance to check hearing health and ensure that the product is still appropriate for the patient’s degree of hearing loss. Based on the needs expressed, many assistive listening devices can enhance and secure the patient’s living environment.

  • Environment control
  • Amplifiers for televisions and telephones
  • Alarm clocks
  • Etc.

Adjustment or Modification of Hearing Aids
Hearing aids can require adjustments or modifications. The patient’s hearing health may change over time. Our team is always attentive to ensure flawless service and a high quality of life for our patients.

Repair of All Hearing Aid Brands
Whether or not you purchased your hearing aids at Laflamme & Associés, we offer a hearing aid repair service, regardless of brand. For us, this is an essential service. We understand the distress that a person with a hearing problem can feel when lacking a hearing aid. Our team is there for you.