Titanium Deep Canal Hearing Aids

Titanium deep canal hearing aids are one of the most discreet hearing aids in the world. They are designed to fit perfectly in your ear for a very high level of comfort. These deep canal hearing aids are made of medical grade titanium. This material makes them both strong and light.

On the cutting edge of technology, they are effective in all sound environments. These deep canal hearing aids are designed to smoothly adapt to the sounds around you by identifying whether you are in a noisy environment, a car, a concert hall, etc.

Why Titanium?

Titanium is one of the strongest and most robust materials. It is used in the design of, among other things, medical implants, high-performance vehicles and sports equipment. Compared to other deep canal hearing aids made of acrylic, titanium hearing aids are 15 times more durable.

This material can also be used to make a very small shell. Titanium remains strong and durable even when it is extremely thin. In the case of this deep canal hearing aid, it is only 0.2 mm thick, which is the thickness of a sheet of paper. This allows up to 30% extra space inside the device and the insertion of miniaturized electronic components.

Each titanium deep canal hearing aid is custom-designed to fit the patient’s ear and hearing needs. To ensure comfort and optimal hearing quality, our audioprosthetists will assess your hearing ability with care and take an accurate impression of your ears.