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Our Products

Which hearing aid products most improve hearing? What size are hearing aids? Do hearing aids require a lot of maintenance? What are the prices of our hearing systems? These questions often come up when meeting a patient looking for a hearing aid for the first time. Many patients with hearing problems have questions about the options that are available to them and the impacts that wearing a hearing aid will have on improving their hearing on a daily basis.

Our team of experienced, professional, caring audioprosthetists will have answers to your questions. Constantly on the lookout for the latest technological and scientific developments in the field of hearing correction, they will carefully listen to your needs to find the best hearing aid product for your everyday reality and current hearing needs.

Hearing Aids That Are Available to You

The process leading to better hearing begins with an initial comprehensive hearing evaluation with one of our audioprosthetists, who will then be able to select the hearing aid that best suits the patient’s needs from among the most discreet and effective hearing aids on the market.

Many hearing aids are available:

  • Half shell hearing aids
  • Full shell hearing aids
  • Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid
  • Behind-the-ear hearing aid
  • In-the-canal hearing aid
  • Extended wear hearing aid
  • Titanium deep canal hearing aid

We are also distributors of the following:

  • Batteries and accessories for hearing aids
  • Earmolds
  • Custom ear plugs (recommended for workers in loud environments, hunting, musicians, swimming, etc.)
  • Assistive listening devices, such as smoke detectors, amplifiers for televisions, alarm clocks, etc

Digital Age Hearing Aids

As in many other fields, digitalization has revolutionized hearing aids in their operation, styles or colours available. It has enabled adding several features that might surprise you. Today, hearing aids are no longer large, highly visible and beige. They now offer a discreet design, excellent sound quality and easily connect to mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players and other Bluetooth or FM compatible technologies.

Hearing aids are also available in a wide range of colours, allowing you to be daring or discreet in choosing options that match the complexion of your skin, your hair colour and your style based on your preferences.

Your hearing aid is a significant investment that will greatly benefit you if it is chosen well.