Our Products

Our audioprosthetists have developed extensive experience in fitting prosthetic aids 100% digital. They are always on the lookout for the latest technology and science developments with regard to hearing correction.

After evaluating the hearing-impaired patient, the audioprosthetist selects the most discreet high-performance hearing aids and places them at the patient’s disposal.

We Also Offer :

  • Digital hearing aids
  • Extended wear hearing aid
  • Behind-the-ear, in the canal, in the ear, CIC hearing aids (invisible)
  • Hearing aid batteries and accessories
  • Custom earmolds
  • Custom ear plugs (recommended for workers in noisy environments, hunters, musicians, swimmers, etc.)
  • Home accessories: smoke detectors, amplifiers for televisions, alarm clocks, etc.
  • Assistive listening devices

All Styles of Hearing Aids for People of All Ages

As for many other fields, digitization revolutionized hearing aids with regards to functionality, styles and colors available. It allowed the add-on of many features that may even surprise you. Nowadays hearing aids are no longer big, beige and hard to hide, they are now offered with a discreet design, excellent sound quality and can easily connect to cell phones, iPods, MP3 readers and other Bluetooth or FM compatible technologies.

Hearing aids are now offered in a complete range of colors, allowing you to choose between a daring or discreet style, selecting a color that matches your skin tone or hair color, your style, your preferences.